Canon imageRUNNER 6020i Status: Discontinued (05/2005)
Manufacturing Status: Discontinued

Console, Monochrome copier, MF
Dry, monocomponent toner
Dataquest Segment: 4
SRP: $27,850
Domestic Intro Date: June 2003
OEM: Canon (Japan)
Also Sold As: None 
Distribution: Dealers and subsidiaries
Max Monthly Duty Cycle: 230,000 impressions
Copier: Std Fax: No
Internet Fax: Std Network Fax: No
Network Printer: Std PC Fax: No
Printer: Std Scanner: Std
First Copy Time: 3.8 sec
Multicopy (Ltr/Lgl/Ldgr): 60/42/30 cpm
Warm-up Time: 6 min
Std Paper Source(s): Dual drawer, dual tray
Std Paper Capacity: 550/550/1,500/1,500 sheets
Paper Weights: 17-lb bond to 110-lb index
Bypass/Paper Weights: 50-sheet/17-lb bond to 110-lb index
Max Paper Sources/Cap: 6/7,650 sheets
Max Original Size: 11 x 17
Min/Max Output Size: 4-1/8 x 5-7/8/11 x 17
Copy Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
Std/Max Copier Memory: 256 MB, 10-GB/256 MB, 10-GB HD
Duplex: Auto (1:2,2:2,2:1)
    Capacity/Paper Sizes: Unlimited/5-1/2 x 8-1/2 to 11 x 17
Document Feeder: Std RADF
    Speed/Capacity: 55 opm/100 orig
    Paper Weights: 13 to 32 lbs
Sorter (Bins/Capacity): None
Stapler Sorter: None
    Bins/Stapling Cap: Not applicable
    Stapling Positions: Not applicable
Finisher: Opt finishers
    Tray/Stapling/Pos(s): 2,000/50/3
Other: Opt saddle-stitch finisher has 2 trays (1,000/1,000) plus a saddle-stitch tray, staples in 3 pos, saddle-stitches 15 sheets w/V folding std
Network User Authentication: Info not avail
IP Address Filtering: Info not avail
MAC Address Filtering: Info not avail
HDD Overwrite: Info not avail
    Max Overwrites: Info not avail
HDD Encryption: Info not avail
Secure Print: Info not avail
Connectivity Specs
Client OS Support: Mac 7.5+, Solaris 1.x, 2.5+, Win 9.x*
Parallel Interface: Opt
    PC Fax/Print/Scan: No/Yes/No
Serial Interface: None
    PC Fax/Print/Scan: Not applicable
USB Interface: None
    PC Fax/Print/Scan: Not applicable
Network Interface: Std Ethernet, opt Token Ring
    Interface Type: 10/100BaseT
    LAN Fax/Print/Scan: No/Yes/Yes
Networks Supported:
Netware: Yes Windows NT: Yes
AppleTalk: Yes UNIX: Yes
AS/400: Opt Other:
Printer Specs
Engine Mfr/Model: Canon/imageRUNNER 6020
Compatibility: IBM PC, Mac
Speed: 60 ppm
Max Print Area: 11 x 17
Enhanced Resolution: 2400 x 600 dpi
Unenhanced Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
Std/Max Printer Memory: Shared
Controller Mfr/Model: Canon/Multi-PDL board D1
    Processor/Bits/MHz: Custom processor/Info not avail
    PDL/PCL: PCL 5e/6, PostScript 3
Controller Mfr/Model: EFI/imagePASS M2**
    Processor/Bits/MHz: Pentium III/Info not avail/1 GHz
    PDL/PCL: PCL 5e/6, Adobe PostScript 3
Controller Mfr/Model: Not applicable
    Processor/Bits/MHz: Not applicable
    PDL/PCL: Not applicable
Other: Confidential mailbox (100 mailboxes); scanned and printed data can be stored in mailbox; **std/max memory for imagePASS M2, 128 MB, 20-GB HD
Scanner & Image Management Specs
Connection Type: Network
Technology/Speed: CCD/55 ipm
Max Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
TWAIN Compatible: Yes
Scan Destinations:
    E-mail: Yes I-fax: INA
LDAP Support: Info not avail
Scan/Image Software: Canon Network ScanGear, eCopyScanStation; eCopy Desktop***
OCR Software: Opt eCopy Desktop
File Mgmt Software: Opt eCopy Desktop
Other: Enhanced scanning for iR 6020 w/opt eCopy Scan-Station; ***Also eCopy ShareScan OP; LDAP support
INA: Information was not available from manufacturer. NA: Not applicable.
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Canon imageRUNNER 6020i Status: Discontinued (05/2005)
Manufacturing Status: Discontinued

Console, Monochrome copier, MF
Dry, monocomponent toner
Page 2
Automatic Features:  AES, AMS, APS, AS, ASO, ATS
Book Copy: Yes Job Programs: 9
Booklet Mode: Std Job Time: No
Color: No Language: Opt
Copy Control: 1,000 Margin Shift: Yes
Covers: Std Neg/Pos: Yes
Editing: No OHP Interleaving: Yes
Energy-Save: Yes Photo Mode: Yes
Erase: Std Poster Mode: No
Image Insert: Yes Preset R/E: 5R,4E
Image Overlay: Std Program Ahead: Std
Image Repeat: Yes Sheet Insertion: Std
Image Rotate: Std Stamping: Std
Interrupt: Yes Timer: Yes
Job Build: Yes 2-in-1: Std
XY Zoom: Yes
Zoom Range:  25 to 400 (1%)
Original, sheet, book and binding erase modes; shift image (corner or center of copy); fit image mode; chapterization; merge document mode merges hard copy originals w/electronic files; mirror image; page numbering; std Universal Send Opt 2-/3-hole punch for finishers; incorporates Canon's MEAP (MF Embedded Application Platform) that allows customizable software applications to run within the machine; opt finisher-F1 has two trays (1,000/1,000); opt paper deck adds 3,500 sheets
Control Panel: Keypad and touch screen
Quantity Selector: 1 to 9,999 (0 to 9 keypad)
Message Display: Yes
Help Key: Yes
Dimensions (HxWxD): 44-3/4" x 25-3/8" x 29-1/4"
Weight (Base Unit): 462 lbs
Power Requirements: 120 V, 15 A
Dedicated Outlet: Yes
Energy Star Compliant: Yes
Operating Noise Level: Info not avail
*Also NT 4.0, 2000, Me, XP, NetWare 3.2-6; eCopy Scan- Station incls touch-screen display that resides at the unit & allows users to view scanned files prior to distribution
Facsimile Specs
Scanner Technology: Not applicable
Compression Method: Not applicable
Modem Speed: Not applicable
Max TX Resolution: Not applicable
Gray Scale/Halftones: Not applicable
Std/Max Fax Memory: Not applicable
Min/Max Orig Size (WxL): Not applicable
Max Paper/Print Width: Not applicable
Correct-Order Output: Not applicable
Batch Files: Not applicable
Polling: Not applicable
Effective Scan Width: Not applicable
Battery Backup: Not applicable
Relay Request: Not applicable
Confid TX/RX: Not applicable
Smoothing: Not applicable
Dual Lines: Not applicable
Timers: Not applicable
Multi Access: Not applicable
Transfer Hub: Not applicable
Dialing Capabilities:
    Broadcasting (Grps/Dest): Not applicable
    Redial Attempts/Intervals: Not applicable
    One Touch/Speed Dial: Not applicable/Not applicable
Photoconductor: Amorphous silicon drum
    Yield: 3,000,000
    Price: $1,633
Toner: 1.65-kg ctrdg
    Yield: 33,000
    Price: $84
    % Coverage: 6%
Developer: Not applicable
    Yield: Not applicable
    Price: Not applicable
Fuser Rollers: Two
    Yield: 500,000/500,000
Cleaning Blades: Drum blade
    Yield: 1,000,000
Other: Info not avail
    Yield: Info not avail
Fuser Oil: Not required
PM Schedule: 250,000
3,500-sheet LCT: $2,400
Finisher - F1: $3,000
Saddle-stitch finisher - F2: $5,300
2-/3-hole punch unit: $850
Copy tray: $30
Control card: $306
Control card printer: $147
Cassette: $131
Braille label kit-A1: $30
Accessibility handle: $139
Token Ring -A2 set: $1,020
imagePASS M2 print controller: $7,950
eCopy ScanStation (2000, XP): $5,495
eCopy ShareScan & Desktop (20 users): $3,995
eCopy Desktop for Windows (5 users): $795
Security kit A1: $750
imageWARE Scan Manager: $5,000
imageWARE Document Mgr/v4.0 (workgroup): $4,200/$ not avail
imageWARE Document Manager (enterprise): $21,000
Web Document Server (workgroup): $7,500
Web Document Server (enterprise): $15,500
Resolution switching board: $400
NetSpot Accountant: $3,350
eCopy ShareScan OP: $3,995
I/O 5755DP: $3,375
INA: Information was not available from manufacturer. NA: Not applicable.
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